Must-know 6 interesting facts about the Blitz Blackjack

By now you probably have heard about our notorious Blitz Blackjack that we have re-introduced in October 2019. Blitz has then became one of our player favorited games enjoyed by players around the world every day!
This post is about 6 things you did not know about the Blitz Blackjack
1. The game has been there for more than 7 years!
The game launched in 2013 under the name “Blackjack Common draw” and was renamed Blitz in October 2019
2. Blitz Blackjack is an industry first
NetEnt Live was the first Live Casino supplier to innovate and launch the first scalable blackjack in the industry.
– But what does Scalable Blackjack mean?
Scalable blackjack means a blackjack games that can host unlimited players at the same time, one one game! For casinos, it means that the seats will never fill-up and the players can always place a bet even in peak-times.
3. It is a VERY fast game
because players do not need to wait for seats, it is always fast for them to get playing
We rebranded and relaunched the game in 2019 because other suppliers had copied the scalable blackjack mechanic.
4. Why Blitz?
The new name emphasizes that a player never has to wait, so it is always fast to start playing.
5. It was loved by so many players, we decided to provide it in multiple languages
Because there has been increasing plays on the Blitz Blackjack by players from different parts of the world, we have introduced the Turkish version of the game back in March 2020 to provide a localized experience.
– Will there be another language of the Blitz Blackjack other than the current English & Turkish speaking Blitz?
Our business focus is to expand the portfolio to core products and also provide players’ localized experiences. So, watch the space! The “new language” speaking Blitz might be just around the corner 😉
6. Blitz Blackjack is available in a standalone environment , the Network Branded Casino and in the Gold & Silver environment
We added a scalable game in a traditionally non-scalable environment, one step into revolutionizing the industry’s product offering. We wanted to give our players the joy of playing the Blitz Blackjack in a standalone environment while close to the dealer, in a dedicated set-up and a physical studio set up too!
Check out the Blitz Blackjack in action in our Gold & Silver studios here. 
We continue to work to improve Blitz Blackjack and surprise and delight both Players and Casinos with game changing innovations that take the industry forward. This was another example of NetEnt Live innovation, just like the Perfect Blackjack.
Watch this space for more NetEnt Live game innovations coming soon!

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