Improved Turkish Dealer Roulette and Blitz Blackjack

We’re bringing Live Casino closer to Turkish speaking players!

A little bit of localization goes a long way… so we’ve upgraded our Turkish offering with TWO improvements that players will love. Here they are:

Turkish Dealer Roulette Environment and Backgrounds
The environment designs we’ve added are part of our efforts to create an authentic live casino experience that appeals to Turkish speaking players around the world.

Turkish Blitz Blackjack!
To meet growing demand, we are adding a Turkish version of our popular Blitz Blackjack to our network offering. For this version of Blackjack, we’ve localized our own unique Blitz to be hosted by Turkish game presenters in a newly designed environment that appeals to Turkish players. This is just another way that we’re offering our players the best possible live casino experience.

These changes will make players feel right at home. We understand that people are different, and we want to adapt to that. Localization is the way to go!

Head over to the Promo Pack to check out the environment, and update the thumbnails.